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Pediatric Exercises to Help Grow and be Strong

While most people think about exercise as something adults do to keep in shape, it’s important to children as well. Kids exercise as they play and run around, but screen time can too often replace this necessary physical exertion. Exercise, which usually includes outdoor play, can help children to grow in a strong, healthy manner. Here are a few child-like exercises to challenge your kids with that are recommended by the best physical therapist in Nottingham MD.


Kids often sit for long intervals at school, watching TV, or playing video games. Running is a large part of keeping them healthy and moving. It’s something most kids do when they play, and you can encourage it by combining it with activities they enjoy. Invite a neighboring child or friend over and have the kids play tag. Have some races in the driveway with your child. Go for a walk with the dog and have the child take the dog to the corner at the fastest possible pace. These are just a few examples that will do the trick!


Jumping is fun for a child, and it’s something that can get their heart rate up to perform simple cardio. Take your child to a bounce house and let them go wild. They’ll sleep well that night and become stronger physically as they use those muscles. You can also get them a jump rope and challenge them with different speeds and tricks. Or, just put on some music and bounce and jump around the house to the beat.

Resistance Training

While it isn’t exactly advised that your child lift weights, you can enjoy some other resistance training activities with them. Challenge them to a tug of war game or give them some appropriately-leveled resistance bands and see how wide they can stretch them or how long they can hold them at that level. Challenges are always fun for kids, as they can be competitive, or at the very least might enjoy trying something new.

Get More Advice From a Physical Therapist Nottingham MD

If you want your child to stay healthy, grow well, and enjoy sports in the future, contact a physical therapist in Nottingham MD to see what they have to offer and get more ideas and options for things you can do with your child to keep them on the right physical track. Get in touch with Dr. Neil Cohen to utilize his expertise for your child’s benefit. Dr. Cohen has over 35 years of experience including over 25 years in Essex.  He has successfully treated thousands of patients to feel their best.

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