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Physical Therapist Assists with Balance Problems

Having good balance is an important part of daily life. You want to feel stable and minimize the risk of falling. Thankfully, if you have an issue with balance or stability physical therapy can help. Should you need a physical therapist in Carney, discover Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in Essex. Dr. Neil Cohen and his staff can help you regain your balance and resume your favorite activities.

Causes of Balance Problems

Unfortunately, many different conditions affect balance. For example, an ear infection can disturb your balance, but so can a migraine. First, you need to figure out what’s causing your balance trouble. If your instability is the result of something like a common ear infection, your stability will likely return when the infection is gone.

However, some balance problems are a result of vestibular neuritis or other balance-related conditions. This condition commonly occurs in people 75 or older, however, any age may experience it as well. You may feel lightheaded or unsteady. Additionally, you may experience the sensation of spinning, swaying, or whirling. Certain people feel like they are going to pass out, and some will actually fall. Fortunately, patients find relief with physical therapy.

Physical Therapist in Carney: Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center

If you want to decrease your risk of falling and regain stability, physical therapy may be your best option. At Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center, we work with patients who suffer from dizziness, balance issues and instability. We take the time to develop unique treatment plans that will help you regain what you’ve lost.

Additionally, our facility offers chiropractic care, aquatic therapy and non-surgical spinal decompression. We incorporate the best therapies to improve your stability and lower your risk of falling.

If you’ve been diagnosed with a balance-related condition or you’re having trouble with balance, physical therapy is an excellent treatment option. To find out more about all of the therapies we offer at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in Essex, contact us today!

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