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Physical Therapist Helps Herniated Disk

A herniated disk is a painful condition that can happen in any area of the spine. Many times, a herniated disk occurs in the lower back and can be more common as we age. Factors including  excessive body weight, genetics, physically demanding jobs, and smoking increase the chance of a herniated disk. Thankfully help is available from Dr. Cohen, a top physical therapist in Baltimore County, at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in Essex. Read on to learn why physical therapy is an excellent option if you suffer from an herniated disk.

Top Reasons to Use Physical Therapy to Treat Your Herniated Disk

#1 Non-Invasive
One of the main benefits of using physical therapy is that it’s non-invasive compared to other treatment options. On the other hand, undergoing surgery for a herniated disk is a major procedure with some risks. Physical therapy includes practicing stretching exercises, aerobic activity, and receiving massages to provide pain relief for your herniated disk.

#2 Access to State-of-the-Art Equipment
Physical therapy can play a key role in limiting the pain of a herniated disk and other injuries. Using state of the art equipment such as non-surgical spinal decompression, which can gently stretch the spine, takes the pressure off spinal disks. When this happens, herniated disks may retract, releasing the pressure on nerves. This process allows oxygen, water, and other fluids into the spinal disks, so healing can occur. Dr. Cohen and his staff have undergone the latest training to ensure you receive the best possible care available.

#3 No Need for Powerful Medication
Pain medication offers a variety of benefits, but it can also lead to significant side effects for many people. However, an advantage of physical therapy is that it reduces the need for using powerful pain medication. These therapy sessions can significantly reduce your pain with a variety of exercises. Over time, this can help you feel much better without requiring medication.

Physical Therapist in Baltimore County: Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center

Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center specializes in helping patients overcome injuries through chiropractic care, aquatic therapy, dry needling, and physical therapy services. Dr. Cohen has decades of experience treating many different people in the Baltimore area. Our state-of-the-art facility will help you receive the care you need to recover from a variety of injuries. Find out more about the benefits of using a physical therapist in Baltimore County by contacting Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center today!


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