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Physical Therapist Relieves Hip Discomfort

Hip pain can make life challenging and extremely uncomfortable. It can be felt in the groin or front or back of the hip. The pain is usually due to arthritis, muscular strain around the hip, or hip femoroacetabular impingement. Pain in the side of the hip usually means there’s an issue with the muscles around the hip, like hip bursitis. The good news is physical therapy can decrease your pain and improve your mobility. If you need a physical therapist in Middle River, Dr. Neil Cohen and the staff at Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center can assist you on your healing journey.

Causes and Symptoms of Hip Pain

There are many ways for hip pain to manifest and some of those ways include buttock pain, difficulty moving your leg, pain when rising from a seat. Additionally, some notice difficulty running, walking, and climbing stairs. Sciatica, fractures and trauma, labrum tear, and osteoarthritis are a few causes of hip pain.

What to Expect at Physical Therapy

The first visit to a physical therapist is for an initial evaluation where you’ll receive a proper diagnosis. You can expect the physical therapist to gather information about the history of your problem and your past medical history that may be contributing to the hip pain. There will be several tests such as a gait evaluation, range of motion measurements, functional mobility tests, and strength measurements.

After the evaluation and tests, the physical therapist will create a plan for your treatment. It’s likely that they will provide exercises to improve hip mobility and strength. You will take these exercises and perform them at home as well. The exercises will take the pressure off muscles, nerves, and ligaments which leads to decreased pain. As your hip pain decreases, the physical therapist will advance the exercises.

Looking for a Physical Therapist in Middle River?

Discover Dr. Cohen and his knowledgeable staff at Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center! We’ll help you regain your strength and restore movement. In addition to physical therapy, we offer other services such as aquatic therapy, chiropractic care, dry needling, and non-surgical spinal decompression. We’ll create a plan specifically tailored to your needs. For more information click here!


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