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Physical Therapist for Sports Injuries

Sprains, muscle strains, shin splints, tennis elbow, tendinitis, fractures, knee injuries, and concussions are just some common sports injuries. These injuries mean missed games, shortened seasons, and even the end of careers. Whether it’s due to poor training methods, inadequate warm-ups, or just bad luck, athletes are frequently injured. The good news: physical therapy is an excellent treatment for all kinds of sports injuries. Looking for a physical therapist in Rosedale? Visit Dr. Cohen and his staff at Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center in nearby Essex. We develop programs to aid you in the healing process.

Preventing Sports Injuries

Though some injuries are inevitable there are a few preventative measures to consider. If an athlete goes straight to playing or practicing, the muscles aren’t loose and ready for the activity and injuries can occur. Therefore, take time to warm-up. Warming up increases blood flow to the muscles and decreases the chance of an injury.

Additionally, it is important not to push yourself too hard. If the athlete is fatigued and they struggle to continue, it takes away the protective mechanisms and may lead to an injury. For the best results, ease into training and build up your strength. However, if you become injured, seek help quickly.

Physical Therapy Helps Speed Healing

Physical therapy improves flexibility, promotes muscle repair, relieves muscle soreness, prevents future injuries, and boosts athletic performance. Your physical therapist will recommend exercises and stretches to strengthen muscles you can address your injury. A professional therapist knows the best areas to target and develops a customized plan to strengthen muscles and improve your flexibility.

Joint mobilization, soft tissue massage, heat therapy, and electrical stimulation are a few therapy tools used to treat patients. Both ice and heat therapy reduce pain and inflammation. Plus, these treatments allow for better blood flow to the muscles. Consider adding a soft tissue massage to further improve muscle function and speed recovery.

Finally, your physical therapist will work to correct muscular imbalances and improve movement patterns. They can also give tips on how to prevent further injuries.

Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center: Physical Therapist in Rosedale

Dr. Cohen and the staff at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center evaluate each patient and create a unique treatment for their individual needs. With over 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge to treat work, auto, and sports injuries. Additionally, we offer chiropractic care, aquatic therapy, dry needling, and non-surgical decompression. To schedule an appointment or for more information, contact us today!

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