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Physical Therapy for Injured Workers

With over 4 million workplace accidents happening annually, your chances of being involved in a workplace injury may be greater than you thought. Common work injuries include slip and falls, sprains and strains. Police officers, firefighters, and manufacturing, shipping and transportation professionals are some groups who suffer the greatest number of job-related injuries. Fortunately, physical therapy helps speed healing and get you back to work. For those looking for physical therapy in Parkville, visit Dr. Cohen and the staff at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in Essex.

Physical Therapy Covers More than Just Exercise and Stretching

Physical therapy for a workplace injury isn’t just simple exercises and stretches. First, at your initial assessment, a therapist determines the severity of your injury. Additionally, they determine your current level of flexibility and strength. This evaluation gives a baseline and together you and your therapist set your treatment goals. Next, the therapist monitors your progress throughout the treatment to determine how well the physical therapy is working for you. As you make improvements, adjustments are made to your treatment. You should always feel challenged, but not be in extreme pain during the treatment.

Individual Plans Developed for Each Patient

Many people make the mistake of assuming that physical therapy is the same for everyone. This isn’t the case. When you need physical therapy in Parkville and go to Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in Essex, we develop an individual treatment plan for you.

While you recover, other forms of therapy can be added make your treatment as effective as possible. These include chiropractic care, aquatic therapy and dry needling. Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center offers all of these specialized treatments.

Physical Therapy Helps Get You Back to Work

Dr. Cohen and the staff at the Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center want to help you get back to work and be pain free. It will take time before you are able to fully recover from your injury, but with the right care, the process will be shorter and be far more effective. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

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