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Physical Therapy Helps After Ankle Surgery

Though most ankle problems can be healed with therapy and medication, some cannot. If the ankle is badly broken or unstable, then surgery may be the only solution. After surgery, immobilization is required, which means your strength, range of motion, and function will be impaired. That’s why physical therapy is recommended shortly after. If you need a physical therapist in Carney to help you heal after surgery, Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center has the knowledge and experience to assist you on your healing journey.

Benefits of Physical Therapy After Surgery

Surgery is not the last step in the healing process: physical therapy is. This is because many problems arise post-surgery that physical therapy can fix or prevent. Physical therapy reduces scar tissue and swelling, prevents blood clots, increases strength, and restores range of motion. It puts your body in the right position to function properly. Without it, your muscles and ligaments will tighten up and you may try to use them too quickly, which will lead to injury. Physical therapy gradually increases your flexibility in a safe way.

What to Expect

During your first appointment, we’ll conduct a thorough assessment to determine where you are and where you need to go. We’ll combine this information with the information your doctor has provided to design the best treatment plan. We’ll ask you to move around in order to address certain functions. We’ll also measure swelling, pain level, gait, flexibility, and overall function and mobility. Our goal is to relieve pain while increasing your endurance. Treatment modalities may include passive exercises, dry needling, soft tissue mobilization, yoga and balance work, electrical stimulation, and exercises using specialized weights.

Looking for a Physical Therapist in Carney?

Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center has over 30 years of experience treating a wide range of injuries. Whether you have an auto, sports, or work injury or you need treatment after total joint replacement and discectomy, we can customize a treatment plan for your individual needs. Aside from physical therapy we also offer chiropractic care, dry needling, non-surgical spinal decompression, and aquatic therapy. To schedule an appointment with us today, contact us!

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