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Physical Therapy Reduces the Pain of Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the inflammation, and/or loss, of cartilage between bones, leading to stiffness, soreness, and even bone spurs. Extremely common, it affects many people. Fortunately, treatment options, like physical therapy, help reduce pain. If you are looking for physical therapy in Edgemere, explore the treatment options at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Therapy Center in nearby Essex. Read on for more information about how physical therapy helps osteoarthritis.

Do You Have Osteoarthritis?

Over time the cartilage (protective tissue) at the ends of your bones wears down resulting in pain and swelling in affected joints. The onset of osteoarthritis is often gradual, beginning in middle age. For some people the symptoms are easy to overlook, delaying diagnosis and treatment. Soreness and stiffness following periods of inactivity, often worse in the morning and during inclement weather, are possible symptoms of osteoarthritis.

However, your doctor must diagnose your condition, as many symptoms mimic those of rheumatoid arthritis. MRI, X-Rays, and blood tests can detect osteoarthritis. A diagnosis of osteoarthritis is a life-changing matter, but it does not have to be debilitating. There are several medical approaches – including physical therapy– that can make living with the pain more manageable.

Treatment Options

Physical therapy is the best way to combat osteoarthritis. It strengthens the muscles around the affected area, reduces pain and swelling, and increases your range of movement. While there is no cure for osteoarthritis, the severity of symptoms can be lessened with regular, non-intensive, exercise.

Because stiffness sets in after long periods of inactivity, take frequent breaks from sitting and repetitious activities. Frequent, short breaks are better than intermittent, lengthy ones. Additionally, stretching exercises relieve tension and inflammation, though intensive activities like yoga may be too strenuous (depending on your condition). Depending on the affected area, a medical brace, orthopedic shoes, or similar aids may be available. Sometimes, simple changes in lifestyle can improve the effectiveness of treatment.

Learn More About Physical Therapy in Edgemere

Be sure to take the time to educate yourself about your condition and learn more about your treatment options. Dr. Neil Cohen and the staff at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Therapy provide physical therapy, aquatic therapy and chiropractic care. Their state-of-the-art facility in Essex is conveniently located for everyone in the Baltimore area. Contact us for more information today.

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