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Physical Therapy is a Natural Pain Reliever

For those who suffer from chronic pain, you likely would say you would try anything to rid of the pain. Even if your pain isn’t chronic, aches and pains can take a lot out of you and can impact your everyday life. One of the things you might consider trying is advice and treatment from a physical therapist in Rosedale.

The Many Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Can Kick Pain

If you are in pain, one of the things you might reach for is a pain reliever of some kind. While these medications can help you to get through the day, they aren’t going to rid of the pain. Physical therapists, on the other hand, can help you to restore function, which can help you to relieve pain in the long term. You will strengthen weakened muscles, body tissues, tendons, ligaments, and other areas. Your body will start to support areas that struggled before and heal overall.

Physical Therapy Can Manage Stress

Everyone has stress in their life, and when you are stressed out because of pain, physical therapy can help you to be mindful and reduce stress overall. There are a variety of exercises that can reduce stress and practices you can take home and use in your daily life.

Physical Therapy is Individualized

You don’t have to worry about your physical therapy being the same as it is for anyone else who walks through the door. Rather, you are going to get a plan that is customized to what your body needs. You will go over your medical history, talk about your symptoms, and work out a personalized plan for treatment, moving you toward a pain-free life.

Finding a Physical Therapist In Rosedale is the Best Option

While there are opioids that can help you to manage pain, seeing a physical therapist in Rosedale is a much safer option overall. Opioids are highly addictive and they aren’t going to “cure” pain. Taking an opioid starts small, but doses will have to increase to maintain the same pain-free feeling. If you want to deal with pain in another, safer manner, contact Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center for physical therapy options. Dr. Neil Cohen has over 35 years of experience successfully treating thousands of patients in need of a physical therapist.

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