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Physical Therapy Relieves Neck Pain

The neck, also called the cervical spine, is a complex part of the human body, comprising nerves, bones, tendons, muscles, and joints commonly known as the vertebrae. Each vertebra has a rubbery cushion known as a disc. The disc allows us to bend the neck, and it serves as a shock absorber. With that in mind, neck pain occurs due to inflammation or injury to any of the structures within the neck region. For more information, or to receive care for neck pain, read on to learn more about physical therapy in Perry Hall.

Reduces Neck Pain with Physical Therapy

Below are some of the causes of neck pain, but be advised that self-diagnosing neck pain only does more harm than good. Therefore, seeking expert opinions from professionals in physical therapy in Perry Hall can help find safe and effective means to ease neck pain.

Some of the Most Common Causes of Neck Pain

Neck pain is categorized as chronic or acute neck pain. The former refers to pain sensations in the neck that last for a long time, sometimes even years. Acute neck pain, on the other hand, is ideally short-term neck pain. Regardless, neck pain may be as a result of any of the following circumstances:

  • Poor Posture
    A person may soon develop harmful head posture if they spend a substantial amount of time hunched over their laptop or computer. The position may apply extra pressure on the neck, resulting in an uncomfortable feeling, or worse.
  • Repetitive motions
    Turning the head repetitively, maybe during dancing or swimming, can result in the overuse of the neck’s ligaments, tendons, and muscles. They will act up soon after the action.
  • Trauma
    The neck can experience pain due to any fall or impact. This includes injuries arising from sports collisions or whiplash injuries sustained in a car crash.
  • Physical Therapy Helps Counter Neck Pain
    Aquatic and physical therapists can help alleviate neck pain for individuals that have unspecified chronic pain and those recovering from traumatic injuries, or various types of surgery, including anterior cervical discectomy with fusion surgery.
  • Avoid Neck Pain in Future
    To prevent neck pain in the future, it’s best to avoid stressful activities, sleeping in awkward positions, driving for a long time, activities that involve rapid head movements, and other activities that overly strain the upper body.

Visit Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center for Physical Therapy in Perry Hall

People seeking the services of an aquatic therapist, chiropractor, or physical therapy can visit Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center. Dr. Neil Cohen at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center has over over 35 years total experience performing physical therapy in Perry Hall.

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