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Pinched Nerve? Time to See a Physical Therapist!

Nerves extend from the brain and spinal cord and they send messages throughout the body. If too much pressure is applied to the surrounding areas around nerves, it “pinches” the nerve. The pinch disrupts the nerve’s function, causing pain. Are you experiencing pain from a pinched nerve? If you need a physical therapist in Rosedale, discover Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in nearby Essex. Dr. Cohen and his staff are here to help you reduce pain and feel better faster.

Physical Therapist Explains a Pinched Nerve

A pinched, or compressed, nerve occurs when the nerve root, where the nerve branches off from the spinal cord, is injured and/or inflamed. Damage may affect multiple parts of the body including the wrist, shoulder, back and neck.

The most common cause of a pinched nerve is age-related degeneration of the spine. Additionally, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, poor posture, prolonged bed rest, diabetes, injury, obesity, and a herniated disc can also cause a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve from a herniated disc occurs when the soft discs between the vertebrae of the spine move out of place causing irritation to the surrounding nerves. Finally, lifting heavy object or quick, sudden movements can cause a pinched nerve as well.

You may have a pinched nerve if you notice any of these symptoms:

  • Feeling ins and needles
  • Experiencing aching or burning pain
  • Muscle weakness in the affected area
  • Numbness, tingling, or pain in the arm
  • “Fallen asleep” feeling in the foot or hand

Physical Therapist Develops a Specialized Plan

Thankfully, if you suffer a pinched nerve help is available. A physical therapist guides you in a specialized plan of exercises and stretches to strengthen your muscles and relieve pain you. A few common exercises include:

Shoulder roll

Lifting your shoulder blades up and then back down repeatedly in both directions releases tension in the shoulders and neck.

Neck bend

Gently moving your chin down and toward your chest and hold it there for a few seconds before repeating the motion.

Head turn

Known to enhance range of motion, a head turn involves looking straight ahead and then slowly turning to the right and then the left, holding the position for a few seconds.

Visit a Physical Therapist for Relief

Suffering from the pain of a pinched nerve negatively impacts your life. Partnering with a physical therapist is the first step toward solving your discomfort. If you need a physical therapist in Rosedale, Dr. Cohen and his staff at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center in Essex are here to help. In addition to physical therapy, our rehabilitation services also include aquatic therapy, chiropractic care, non-surgical spinal decompression and more. Contact us today to learn more!

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