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Prepare for Fall Sports With Physical Therapy

Basketball, football, and soccer are some sports people play in the fall. While it’s fantastic you’re staying active through the colder months, it does come with the risk of injury. Fortunately, physical therapy in Perry Hall can help prevent some injuries.

Common Injuries From Fall Sports

Basketball players are known to sustain ankle sprains, knee ligament tears, and foot fractures.

Football players may suffer from any of the following:

  • Concussions
  • Ankle sprains
  • Knee injuries
  • Shoulder dislocations

If you play soccer, you’re at risk for ankle sprains, calf strains, foot fractures, or meniscal tears.

Keep in mind that these are merely some examples of potential injuries of these sports and aren’t taking into account the many other fall sports.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Injury Prevention

Physical therapy can help you learn how to prevent an injury for your specific sport.

Through specific exercises, physical therapy in Perry Hall can strengthen your muscles and soft tissue. Physical therapy can also increase your range of motion and flexibility. As a result, your soft tissue will be more resilient.

During an evaluation, a physical therapist can identify your weaknesses and improve upon those through a specialized program tailored to your situation.

General Tips for Fall Sports

Always have a thorough pre-season medical evaluation, whether you’re playing football, volleyball, track, or soccer this fall, even if it’s not a requirement. You may a condition or injury that makes it unsafe for you to play this season.

Once you start to practice and participate in any games, always warm up first. This allows blood to flow adequately throughout your body. Additionally, it allows your muscles and soft tissue to warm up and move more efficiently.

Rest when you need, especially during sports that require a great deal of motion or are contact sports. Whether you feel tired, overly sore, or have an injury, take a break and give your body time to recover. If necessary, seek medical attention for an injury.

Physical Therapy Perry Hall

You can enjoy the fall sports season, especially if you prepare your body and take steps to prevent an injury.  Contact Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center to get in touch with Dr. Neil Cohen who has has over 35 years of experience and can help you treat and prevent injury this fall.

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