Setting Physical Therapy Goals You Can Meet

physical therapy in Essex -- Comprehensive Spine and Sports CenterUnfortunately, injuries occur in your life that are difficult to overcome on your own. After an accident, sports injury or surgery, many doctors refer patients for physical therapy. The goal is for you to regain your strength and mobility safely.

If you are looking for physical therapy in Essex, visit Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center. We know how important it is to understand physical therapy and its advantages before starting any regimen. Below is a guide that walks you through the benefits of physical therapy.

An Individualized Program Created for Each Patient

Patients need to start by setting goals. Begin with setting functional goals such as being able to take the stairs instead of the elevator, getting up and down from a chair with ease, or being able to carry groceries without being in pain. Setting functional goals allows patients to monitor and identify progress on a daily basis.

Patients will work with one of our physical therapists to create impairment goals. Impairment goals are typically goals that are achieved over a long period of time. They can include being able to completely restore movement to the injured area, regaining strength in a muscle group, or even normalizing balance so that individuals don’t have to hold on to things in order to walk upright.

Recovery Takes Time and Commitment

When a patient meets with a physical therapist, an assessment is done to determine their current condition. The therapist needs hear about limitations, where they are experiencing pain and their degree of mobility. This information allows a customized physical therapy program to be created. It’s important to realize that no two patients are alike and thus an individual plan must be created for every patient.

Once a patient starts their physical therapy, it’s critical to accept that their recovery will take time. Some patients become frustrated if they assume that they will be able to return to “normal” within only a few sessions. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Give the body time to heal and pace yourself during recovery to reduce the chances of exasperating an injury.

Another misconception is that care only takes place at the physical therapy facility. This isn’t the case. Our therapists give each patient at-home exercises to keep their joints limber and the body loose. Patients who perform the exercises at home enjoy faster, fuller recovery.

Physical Therapy in Essex at Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center

If you notice pain after an accident, injury or surgery, you may need physical therapy. Dr. Neil Cohen and his team provide individualized treatment for a wide range of injuries. The sooner you treat the injured area, the better the chances for full healing. Click here to contact us today.

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