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Suffering from Knee Pain?

Knee pain can be a result of several different causes. Injuries that result in knee pain include torn or ruptured ligaments and cartilage. Medical conditions that can cause knee aches and pains include gout and arthritis. Other common origins of pain in the knees include strain and repetitive movement. If you’re suffering from knee pain, whether the pain is minor or significant, there is a solution. Visit a physical therapist in Essex MD, like those on the staff at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Therapy. Here are other things you need to know regarding knee pain.

Explaining Different Types of Knee Pain

The three types of knee pain are acute, sub-acute, and chronic. Acute knee pain often occurs one to seven days after you sustain an injury and is the most painful. Sub-acute pain is not as agonizing as acute pain, and it happens two to six weeks after experiencing an injury. Chronic knee pain lasts longer than any other type of knee pain and should be evaluated by a medical professional. Chronic pain in the knees can last a minimum of eight weeks or as long as 12 weeks.

Pain can occur in the front, inside, outside, or back of the knee. If you feel pain in the front of your knee, it can be a result of PFSS (patellofemoral stress syndrome), which occurs when there’s a problem with the position of the knee cap. An athletic injury can result in pain that occurs on the inside of the knee. Pain felt on the outside of the knee could be due to ITB (iliotibial band stress). Experiencing pain in the back of the knee could be the result of a pulled or strained hamstring.

Finding Someone to Relieve Your Pain

To help reduce the pain you have in your knee, try visiting a physical therapist. A physical therapist evaluates and assesses different areas of your knee in search of abnormalities. He/she will also perform range of motion and strength measurements. Range of motion measurements help determine treatment options based on how far you can move your knee. Strength measurements help physical therapists learn if weak muscles are the cause of knee pain. If you are experiencing problems with balancing as you walk, this could also cause pain in one or both knees and be the result of an underlying condition.

Professional Physical Therapist in Essex MD

Are you in need of a physical therapist in Essex MD? Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center is at your service. We specialize in decompression, rehabilitation, physical therapy, dry needling, and a variety of other chiropractic care solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

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