Using Physical Therapy to Stabilize an Ankle Injury

Basketball has become America’s favorite indoor sport since it was first introduced in 1891. It is a sport enjoyed by all ages and athletic skills, sparking some of our most beloved sports heroes. However, it is not without its down side. Today’s game is played very differently thaphysical therapist in white marsh estates -- Comprehensive Spine and Sports Centern it was a century ago. It has become a very aggressive sport, with high-flying heroes and backboard-shattering force. Yet the basic elements remain: running, jumping, short stops, quick directional changes, and shooting from a hard floor surface.

Ankle Stress

The most common basketball injuries experienced by players are due to the extreme pressure the sport puts on both the feet and ankles. Unless attention is paid to proper preparation and equipment, injuries are more likely to occur. Two main types of injury to the feet and ankles are: injuries from a forceful blow, and chronic injury, developed over time.

Most injuries to feet and ankles happen when the player lands on the hard court floor. It may be from an improper jump landing or fall. Injuries incurred include sprained ankles, pulled muscles, torn ligaments, ruptured tendons, and bone fractures.

Chronic injuries can occur because of improper warmup, ill-fitting or worn-out shoes, poor conditioning, or deformity of the bone structure. Typical chronic injuries from playing basketball include stress fractures, shin splints, achilles heel, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, blisters, and sesamoiditis.

Who Is at Risk?

Unfortunately, anyone who plays basketball is liable to suffer one or more of these afflictions. There are many company and adult community leagues across the country. Often, adult players lack the proper physicality and conditioning for basketball, and what began as a fun weekend sport can quickly turn into extreme pain. High school basketball players, while generally in better shape and under the guidance of a conscientious coach, tend to be much more aggressive on the court, in hopes of garnering a scholarship. Even children that play in recreational leagues stand to incur injury during the course of play. In the event of injury, physical therapy is usually the best way to rebound.

Physical Therapy Services from Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center

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