Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression

A pain-free, procedure that uses clinically proven principles to relieve back and leg pain, neck and arm pain.

What is Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression?

Spinal Decompression is a non-surgical, pain-free, procedure that uses clinically proven principles to relieve back and leg pain, neck and arm pain. Through precise targeting of injured spinal discs and joints, our state-of-the art computer-controlled equipment used in our clinic, works to reduce pressure on the compressed nerves thus relieving that persistent pain. All treatments on our equipment are administered with the patient fully clothed.

Is Spinal Decompression for me?

After 4-6 weeks of treatment a very large majority of patients experience relief of their debilitating neck and back conditions. We are successfully treating patients ranging from age 18 thru our oldest patient recorded thus far of 92. In most cases, after treatment the bulging and/or herniated discs no longer cause that nagging sciatica, spasm and radiating pain. People with degenerative disc disease and degenerative joint arthritis are now enjoying life to the fullest. Once abnormal cases have been ruled out you should feel comfortable that your chances of experiencing success in our clinics are great!
Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression | Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center
Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression | Comprehensive Spine & Sports Center

Why Have There Been Advances in Spinal Decompression Technology?

Back and neck pain are the largest health complaints in America. These complaints account for a majority of time lost from work, visits to primary care doctors, and visits to hospital emergency rooms.
It is a fact that our spinal discs and joints are under extreme stress and pressure during our normal daily activities. Your spine needs to be both stable and flexible to bend and twist as well as support upright posture. This balance is extremely challenging for your spine and therefore vulnerable to injury.
FDA clearance has been recently granted to a variety of new equipment, thus helping to combat the epidemic of neck and back pain and injuries impacting our society today.

What Our Patients Have to Say...

We take pride in making sure that our clients have an excellent experience with our orthopetic rehabilitation and chiropractic care services. Read about their experiences below.

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