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Common Tennis Injuries and Treatments

Whether you are a casual tennis player or play in college or professional venues, tennis can result in painful injuries, acute or chronic. Acute injuries happen because of an individual incident while chronic injuries occur over time. Many common tennis injuries can be treated by a licensed chiropractor in Perry Hall MD. Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center treats many of these injuries and more.

How to Identify Tennis Injuries

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is a chronic injury that occurs when the tendons that connect the forearm muscles and elbow become inflamed. You might have tennis elbow if you experience pain on the outside of your elbow or have weak grip strength.

Tennis Knee

Tennis knee, like tennis elbow, is a chronic injury and happens due to the stress from repetitive jumping. If you notice swelling or pain in your knees, seek treatment.

Back Stress Fractures

It is common to suffer stress fractures in your back when playing tennis due to the quick rotation and extension of the lower back during a swing. Seek treatment for any noticeable back pain.

Torn Rotator Cuff

A torn rotator cuff is often another chronic injury that you might not notice right away, but it can gradually tear. A torn rotator cuff can also be an acute injury from a sudden pull, strain, or fall. Signs can be pain, swelling, and limited mobility.

Sprained Ankle

A sprained ankle is an acute injury. It is common on the tennis court due to running, jumping, and other sudden movements. Sprained ankles are characterized by pain, swelling, bruising, stiffness, and difficulty walking.

Common Treatments for Tennis Injuries

Each tennis injury has its recommended treatments:

  • Tennis Elbow – Rest your elbow as much as possible, and use an elbow brace when movement is necessary.
  • Tennis Knee – When treating tennis knee just remember R.I.C.E (rest, ice, compression, elevation). When it is possible (and with the approval of a medical professional), utilize stretches and strength training.
  • Back Stress Fractures – Strength training and conditioning, as well as proper warmups and stretches, can help to prevent back injuries. If a back injury does occur, seek medical treatment.
  • Torn Rotator Cuff – Like back injuries, rotator cuff tears are best treated by a medical professional. Physical therapy and chiropractic treatment are beneficial. If the injury is severe enough, surgery is sometimes necessary.
  • Sprained Ankle – Ankle sprains can be best prevented by wearing quality footwear and ankle braces. The R.I.C.E principle applies here, limiting use as much as possible.

Treating Tennis Injuries with a Chiropractor in Perry Hall MD

Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center’s Dr. Neil Cohen, along with our friendly staff, is available to answer any questions that you may have about a tennis injury. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment. Dr. Cohen has over 35 years of experience including over 25 years in Essex.  He has successfully treated thousands of patients with tennis-related injuries.

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