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Early Steps In ACL Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of a repaired ACL has advanced significantly over the years. Following ACL surgical repair, you will be referred for physical therapy to help in recovery. Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center offers excellent ACL rehabilitation support as a physical therapist in Parkville MD. Here are some early steps in ACL rehabilitation.

Advice from a Physical Therapist

Pain and Swelling

Pain and swelling management are step one. Controlling both will help with the overall process. Neglecting this can cause:

  • Diminished function of the muscles around the knees (particularly the quadriceps).
  • With a diminished quadricep, you may walk stiff kneed or keep the knee in a bent condition to alleviate pain and pressure.
  • Swelling and pain limit the overall range of motion and weakens muscles.

Recover Full Extension of the Knee

If you cannot fully extend your knee, it will not function properly. This can lead to increased pain and stiffness because you aren’t extending your knee properly. Over time scar tissue or arthrofibrosis could occur which creates more problems.

Encourage Gradual Knee Flexion Motion

Your physical therapist will guide you through a series of exercises designed to increase knee flexion motion (which can sometimes get stiff when you are working on just knee extension).

Don’t Ignore Patellar Mobility

You want to make sure the patella mobility is not ignored in the physical therapy sessions. The patella must be fully mobile for knee flexion and extension. Loss of patellar mobility can greatly increase the risk of overall range of motion loss.


Restoring volitional quadricep control early in the rehabilitation process can play a huge role in overall recovery and return to activity following surgery. Your physical therapist will provide you with exercises and tools to strengthen your quadriceps.

Independent Walking

The ultimate goal is to restore independent walking or ambulation. Once all the above areas are addressed, the physical therapist will then work with you to walk without a limp or limitations.

The Best Physical Therapist in Parkville MD

If you have recently undergone ACL surgery, you will want to start your physical therapy as soon as you are cleared by the surgeon. The physical therapistd at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center are waiting for you to give them a call and get back on the road to rehabilitation. Contact us today! Dr. Neil Cohen has over 35 years of experience successfully treating thousands of patients as a physical therapist in Parkville MD.

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