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Stretches to Help with Injury Prevention

What can you do to prevent injury? Sit at home and do nothing. Wrap yourself in bubble wrap and proceed with caution. Those aren’t exactly viable options, right? Especially when you are an active person who actually enjoys sports and other hobbies that require moving around. You don’t want that fun to stop in its tracks because of an injury. Instead, use advice from a chiropractor in Chase MD to prevent injury. Here are some tips.

Stretch Your Back

The back is one of those areas that can easily get pulled and it gets stiff often from poor posture, misuse, or lack of movement. Before you start activities, you might want to stretch out your back to prepare it for what is to come. If you have an exercise ball, you can lay on it and roll your back around. Child’s pose and downward dog can also help you to stretch the shoulders and back to prepare for activities.

Stretching the Legs and Feet

You are likely going to use your legs and feet for anything active, and they need to be ready. You can start by placing your feet wider than shoulder width apart and shifting your weight from one to the other. Stand on one foot and roll the other foot around to prepare it for activity.

Neck, Shoulder, and Arm Stretches

Rolling your head around on your neck can help to wake up and warm up those muscles. You can pinwheel your arms and then, stretch one across your body, using the other to help it to reach further. You will also want to roll your wrists around to keep them from getting stiff from all of the computer work you likely do.

Get More Tips From A Chiropractor in Chase MD

Before you take on any activity, you want to think about preventing injuries. Stretching in certain ways can help you to warm up and prepare muscles for what you are about to have them do. Dr. Neil Cohen has over 35 years of experience and can help you with suggestions and advice. Contact Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center for a consultation and tips.

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