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Learn More About Spinal Manipulation

Spinal manipulation, otherwise called manual or manipulative therapy, combines massage, exercise, and physical therapy to counter various medical circumstances. A trained chiropractor in Overlea MD can use over a number of different spinal adjustment techniques that are popular worldwide. However, the most common types of manipulative therapy involves spinal manipulation, while others involve more gentle methods referred to as spinal mobilization.

Past that, professional chiropractors can also use traction devices that stretch the spine, deep tissue heating via ultrasound, electric stimulation, and ice and heat therapy as forms of spinal manipulation. During spinal manipulation, the practitioner may use their hands to apply a controlled and sudden force to a particular joint. On the other hand, spinal mobilization focuses more on stretching than applying forceful thrusts. Below are some of the conditions that spinal manipulation can help manage.

Is Spinal Manipulation Helpful?

Although measuring the benefits of spinal manipulation can be difficult, chiropractors can use it to enhance nerve function, reduce inflammation, or reduce the pressure on joints.

Additionally, spinal manipulation can be used to treat headaches as well as neck, shoulder, and neck pain and sinus and menstrual pain problems. More importantly, manual therapy has proven an effective remedy for the following issues:

  • Neck Pain
    Research has shown that chiropractic interventions in the workplace may have led to a reduced number of self-diagnosed neck pain.
  • Chest Pain
    Chiropractic care has also been acknowledged as a more cost-efficient care for chest pain compared to self-management.
  • Lower-back Pain
    Medical researchers have discovered that manipulative therapy was as effective as physical therapy in remedying lower-back pain.

Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center: a Reliable Chiropractor in Overlea MD

Licensed to practice in chiropractic treatment in 1991, Dr. Cohen worked in New York for 10 years before becoming a professional chiropractor in Overlea MD. His practice features state-of-the-art rehabilitation technology as well as experienced therapists on staff, a complete therapeutic exercise gym, and a heated aquatic therapy pool.

Feel free to contact us when you need chiropractic solutions for musculoskeletal pain, post-operative rehabilitation, or auto accident and sports injury recovery. Dr. Neil Cohen at Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center has over over 35 years total experience as a chiropractor in Overlea MD.

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