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Aquatic Therapy Exercises You Can Practice This Summer

If you often experience back pain when driving, taking painkillers may not do the trick. In fact, it may seem impossible to relieve the pain, but do not give up just yet! Consulting a specialist to help you manage the pain can put a smile back on your face and make driving enjoyable again. With that said, finding an experienced chiropractor in Towson may not be easy. Don’t worry: we have you covered! Comprehensive Spine and Sports Center has experts who will advise you on the best posture while providing technologically advanced treatment options for you.

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Physical Therapy After a Hand Injury

Hand or finger pain can be debilitating and negatively impact many of your daily activities. The source can be anything from tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, to the aftermath of an accident resulting in injured tendons or nerves, fractures. Regardless of the cause, physical therapy speeds healing.

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